Medical face mask producers

The producers of masks increased sharply since Jan. 2020, until now we counted:
About 132 producers
About 937 lines
Capacity 254 million pieces per day (This is theoretical capacity, some producers may run below capacity)

Mask producers in China
NameIndustyLinesCapacity (million pcs/day)
Allmed Medical Products Co.,Ltd.Medical0.6
Anhui Fumei health care Co., LtdHealth30.35
Anhui Yimeijian medical device Co., Ltd70.4
Beijing Fashion Holdings Co., Ltd.Garment2
Beijing Sanfo outdoor Co., LtdGarment0.25
Bonny International Holding LimitedGarments10.2
C&S Paper Co.,LtdPaper 50.35
Charoen Pokphand Group Co., LtdAgriculture3
China Changan automotive group Co.,LtdAutomotive
CNOOC (Chongqing) safty equipment Co., LtdPetrochemical80.6
Daddybaby Co.,Ltd.Hygiene64.2
Daqing Huigui energy technology Co., Ltd40.4
Dehong Jinfu Medical Apparatus & Instrument Co.,LtdMedical120.55
Dong Guan Cleanera Cleanroom Products Co., LtdMedical50.3
Eit Environmental Development Group Co., LtdEnvironment80.8
Envision energy Co., LtdEnergy30.1
Esound medical device Co.,LtdMedical402
Fangyuan medical device group Co.,Ltd.Medical30.3
Foshan Maxingtian hygiene product Co., LtdHygiene0.3
Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., LtdHome electronics62
Fujian Enhui medical material Co., Ltd.Medical20.2
GAC parts Co.,Ltd.Automotive351
Gansu ChanGee Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Pharmaceutical111.3
Gaozhou Taiming plastic products Co.,Ltd.Plastic40.35
Guangdong Aokangtai medical device Co., Ltd70.56
Guangdong Hongwing Heavy Industry Co., LtdMachinery10.1
Guangdong Yayi Medical Instrument Co.,LtdMedical192
Guangdong YPT medical group Co., LtdMedical120.5
Guangdong Zhongai Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Medical50.28
Guangxi Beilunhe medical instrument Co.,Ltd.Medical0.2
Guangxi Hongbang food Co.,Ltd.Food31
Guangxi Pinglu special cable Co.,Ltd.Metal161
Guangxi Wuzhou Zhonghe group Co.,Ltd.Pharmaceutical1
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Yihu health Co.,Ltd.Health20.1
Guangzhou Powecom safty prouduct Co.,LtdSafty prouduct1.7
Guangzhou Xingshi machinery Co., LtdMachinery4.2
Guiyang Zhenfu electric technology Co.,LtdElectronics80.8
Guizhou Junjiang industrial Co.,Ltd50.5
Hainan Greentech group Co.,LtdAgriculture303.6
Handan Jieya Hygiene products Co., Ltd1.4
Harbin Wenjie garments Co.,Ltd.172
Hebei Huikang daily necessities Co., LtdDaily necessities200.8
Hebei Laisi medical technology Co., Ltd.0.4
Heilongjiang Anruijia petrochemical Co., LtdPetrochemical10
Heilongjiang Shenge Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.0.86
Henan Xizhian Medical Instrument Co.,LtdMedical0.4
Henan Yinge industrial investment Co., Ltd.Paper
Hengan International Group Co.,LimitedHygiene0.7
Hengbo Holdings Co.,Ltd.Automotive0.1
Heyuan COE communication Technology Co.,Ltd.Electronic756
HIT Zhengyuan information technology Co.,Ltd.30.3
HOdo Group Co.,Ltd.Garments5
Hunan Baoling biological pharmaceutical Ltd.Pharmaceutical7
Hunan Fuerkang Medical Sanitation Materials Holdings Co.,Ltd.120.2
Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Pharmaceutical111.1
INSOFTB (China) Co.,LtdHygiene40.7
Jiangmen Sure&Me Medical Product Co.,Ltd.Medical0.1
Jiangsu Golden Material Technology Co.,Ltd.Plastic100.9
JiangXi 3L Medicinal Products Group (3L)1
Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co.,Ltd.Medical50.55
Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd131
Junhua Kaigeer industrial Co., Ltd0.55
Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co.,LtdPharmaceutical1
Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co., LtdPharmaceutical0.5
Leo group Co.,LtdMachinery101
Lianheyikang (Beijing) biotech Co.,Ltd.Biotech0.5
LyncMed, Inc.Health10.05
Medicom Shanghai medical (Shanghai) Co.,LtdMedical1.2
Meizhou Shanshuiyuan medical device Co., LtdMedical50.28
Nantong Lindun safty technology Co., LtdSafty0.1
Naton Medical Group Co.,LtdMedical2
New Silkroad energy holding group Co., LtdEnergy100.5
Ningbo Joyson Electronic CorpAutomotive0.7
Ningxia Baofeng Energy group Co.,LtdEnergy0.37
Nox Bellow Cosmetics Co.,Ltd |Cosmetic50.2
OPPO & VIVOHome electronics0.12
Qingdao Haishi Hainuo group Co., LtdMedical30.15
Quanzhou Shengda Medical material Co., Ltd.Medical30.2
Shandong BOK boitech Co.,Ltd.90.2
Shandong Hearun food Co.,Ltd.Food20.2
Shandong Yongfang daily necessities Co., LtdDaily necessities0.5
Shanghai GM Wuling auto Co.,LtdAutomotive152
Shanghai Threegun (group) Co., Ltd.Garments101.5
Shanxi Pinshang Medical Device Co.,Ltd.Medical20.18
Shengguang investment group Co., Ltd.Medical0.14
Shenzhen 3Nod Electronics Co.,Ltd.Electronics403
ShenZhen BoomingShing Medical Device Co.,Ltd. Medical30.1
Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co.LtdAutomotive1
Shenzhen Hawk Medical Instrument Co., Ltd0.2
Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd.New material5
Shenzhen Zhongsiyuan technology Co.,Ltd.1
Shenzhonghai medical supply (Shenzhen) Co.,LtdMedical12
Shouhang High-Tech Energy Co.,LtdEnergy101
Sinopharm Tech Holdings LimitedPharmaceutical121.2
Souyute group Co.,LtdTexile2
Suining Moti technology Co., LtdElectronic101
Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co.,LtdEquipment505
Suzhou Letian Protective Products Co., Ltd0.6
Tangshan Fengan medical device Co.,LtdMedical2
Tenou health technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Health 3
Unimax medical (Hubei) Co.,LtdMedical1.2
U-Play CorporationHygiene1
Victory Giant Technology (HuiZhou) Co.,Ltd.Electronic10
Vinda International Holdings LimitedPaper 0.1
Wenzhou Chaocheng nonwoven Technology Co.,LtdNonwoven0.1
Wenzhou Runze Technology Co.,LtdPrinting0.2
Wenzhou Yinzuo shoe industry Co., Ltd.0.5
Wenzhou Yixiang medical technology Co., Ltd.100.5
Winner Medical Group Inc.Medical120.5
Xiangxi Fuli garments Co.,Ltd.30.2
Xinxin Bicon pharmaceutical investment Co., Ltd.Pharmaceutical83
Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., LtdIndustry goods11110
Yangzhou Miqi technology Co., Ltd.Daily necessities3515
Yibin Grace Group Co., LtdNonwoven140.3
Yongnian Hengyong Defendable Products Co.Ltd.0.4
Zhejiang Aosen Medical Device Co.,Ltd.Medical81
Zhejiang Jiaxuan health articals Co.,LtdHygiene0.5
Zhejiang Jinghuan medical supplies Co., Ltd.Medical0.1
Zhejiang Mixishi garments Co., Ltd.0.5
Zhejiang Runlab Technology Co.,LtdMedical20.2
Zhejiang TICHN Technology Co., LtdElectronic0.3
Zhejiang Yaqian Brand Management Co.,Ltd.Garments1
Zhejiang Zhongkun Medical Device Co.,Ltd.Medical60.8
Zhengde medical Co., Ltd.Medical202
Zhongmei Huayi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.0.3
Zhoushan Tongyu IoT technology Co., Ltd.Internet20.2
Zhuhai glory health care Co., Ltd (GLEE)Home electronics101
Zhuhai Higrand Technology Co., LtdMedical50.2
ZZ Grand total937254.44