Meltblown fabric producers

The melt blown filter fabric is the key part of respirators which can provide the majority of the protection. It can be widely used in a disposable respirator, re-used dust respirators, and surgical respirators etc.
Until now we counted:
About 37 producers
Capacity 351 metric tons per day (1 metric ton melt blown filter fabric can produce approx. 1 million pieces of disposable medical masks)

Melt blown nonwoven producers in China
NameIndustyLinesPPMB (mt/day)e-PTFE
Beijing Quanta-Gold Boat Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd.Nonwoven 24
CHTC Jiahua nonwoven Co.,LtdNonwoven 16
Dalian Hualun Chemical Fibre Engineering Co., LtdNonwoven 1
Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group Co.,LtdNonwoven 10
Guangdong Bobaolon Co., Ltd.Garment
Guangdong JOFO Enterprises Co. Ltd.Nonwoven 13
Guangzhou Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics Co., LtdPlastic
Heilongjiang Anruijia petrochemical Co., LtdPetrochemical14
Henan Xinye textile Co.,LtdTextile83.3
Hubei Maierte new material Co., Ltd.Nonwoven 1.2
Jiangsu Liyang new material Co., LtdNonwoven 27
Leo group Co.,LtdMachinery1.5
Malion New Materials Co., LtdChemical26.7
Nanning Qiaohong New Materials Co., LtdNonwoven 2
Puyang Longda Nonwoven Co.,LtdNonwoven 1
Qingdao FuRuiXiang Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.Nonwoven 5
Shandong Kangjie nonwoven Co.,LtdNonwoven 6.7
Shenma Industrial Co., Ltd.Chemical5
Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co.,LtdBattery55.3
Shouhang High-Tech Energy Co.,LtdEnergy
Sichuan Xingzhengyuan environmental friendly material Co., Ltd3
Sinopec (Yanshan)Petrochemical26
Sinopec (Yizheng)Petrochemical812
Suqian MEIDA Purification Technology Co.,ltd.Nonwoven 1
The Chemical Industry Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute (Chenguang R.I.C.I)PetrochemicalYes
Tianjin TEDAEnvironment10
Wenzhou Sunao packing Co., LtdPacking material5
Xiamen Yanjan New Material Co., LtdPlastic6
Xinlong Holding (Group) Co., LtdNonwoven 65
Yibin Grace Group Co., LtdTextile1.5
Zhejiang Glary Filtech Co., Ltd.Filter1
Zhejiang Longyou Shenglan Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.Paper9
Zhejiang Weiheng Nonwoven Co., LtdNonwoven 20
Zhejiang Zhaohui Filter Technology Co., Ltd.FilterYes