Production line menufacturers

Mask production line manufacturers increased sharply since Jan. 2020, until now we counted:
About 46 companies
About 4,949 sets of production line orders in hand (If we calculate capacity for each line is 70,000 pieces per day, total capacity of 4,949 sets is 346 million pieces per day )

Mask production line producers in China
NameCapacity (pcs/h)Order (sets)
AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute (MTI)600024
Beijing Beiyi machine tool Co., Ltd.5
Beijing Chonglee Machinery Engineering Co.,Ltd900037
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Holding Co., Ltd.350033
Beijing JR AUTOMATION-BYJC Assembly Line Co., Ltd
CEC industrial internet Co.,Ltd4
CSIC Pengli (Nanjing) equipment Co.,Ltd.360060
DiYue precision technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd18000100
Dongguan Golden sun Abrasives Co.,Ltd.114
Dongguan Huitong Automatic Machinery Tecnology Co., Ltd
Dongguan World Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd.
GAC group30
Guangdong intelligent robotics institute15
Guangdong Jehson robot Co., Ltd600030
Guangdong Nanda robot Co. Ltd15
Guangdong Tianji Robot Co., Ltd.300
Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd5000300
Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd206
Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd720050
Guangzhou Xingshi machinery Co., Ltd6000013
Guangzhou Zs-Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.16
Hangzhou New Yuhong lntelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.6000026
Hangzhou SKYKO intelligent technology Co., Ltd.200
Hebei Huanguang industry Co.,Ltd.4200110
Huangshan Fu Tian Machinery Co., Ltd30000
Hunan Boyou plasma automatic equipment Co.,Ltd
Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co.,Ltd3
Jinan First Machine Tool Co.,Ltd600020
Jinan Robotphoenix automation technology Co.,Ltd6000100
Jinan Senfeng technology Co.,Ltd800060
Jingwei texile machinery Co.,Ltd60
Jinjiang Hainan mechinery Co.,Ltd.720020
KYD automatic mask machine factory Co.,Ltd
Masterwork Group Co., Ltd...50
Nanxing machinery Co.,Ltd.10000100
Oms Machinery Co.,Ltd.420030
Quanstar machinery(shanghai)Co., Ltd2
Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou420050
Shanghai GM Wuling auto Co.,Ltd15
Shenzhen Colibri Technologies Co., Ltd100
Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co.,Ltd100
Shenzhen Tuoye Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (TSIC)30
Shenzhen Xinsanli Automation Equipment Co., Ltd6000300
Shenzhen Xintaiming Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.6000
Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co.,Ltd.66001700
SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.,Ltd.6000100
SINOMACH intellgence technology Co.,Ltd100
Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.600050
Tianjin Richpeace AI Co., Ltd600010
Wuxi Xinje Electric Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Anpu Technology Co.,Ltd420030
Zhejiang emergen robot technology Co.,Ltd.50
Zhejiang Jinggong robot intelligent equipment Co. Ltd89
Zhongtian smart equipment Co.,Ltd.600092
Grand total4949